The Guy Cooks Steak

The man made dinner tonight!! He’s good at breakfast, grilling, and deep-frying turkeys. He also made a pretty good salad. Thanks J!

Steak, salad, and half a cranberry orange whole grain muffin on the side and a glass of cab. I’m a happy girl.

This morning started out with the Magical Breakfast Cream at my mom’s, I spent the night there last night. She didn’t like it so much. I think Greek yogurt may take some getting used to. We had a great morning, lounged in our jammies, drinking coffee and watching Julie and Julia. Great movie!

Lunch was a turkey samich and cucumbers before heading into work:

I worked for a few hours and came home to my steak dinner. Now I’m sitting on the couch, relaxing.

Julie and Julia inspired me. I’d like to do a blogging project like that, any ideas?

Magical Breakfast Cream

Here are a couple of things to know about me. First, my eating philosophy is to try to eat a majority of whole foods that are minimally processed, but to also allow myself to enjoy occasional treats of anything my heart desires. I like to say I eat anything I want, and I’m just lucky that I want healthy food most of the time. Another thing is that I love all things French. Ever since I was in 6th grade, I dreamed of going to Paris. I studied French in high school and college and was blessed to be able to study abroad in Paris for the summer of 2000.

A few years ago, I read the book “French Women Don’t Get Fat” by Mireille Guiliano. And recently, I came across the accompanied cook book in the library. While I don’t like the title so much, the recipes are great. Whole, natural foods prepared in a simple way. For breakfast this morning, I tried her “Magical Breakfast Cream”. It contains a mix of yogurt, lemon juice (I used orange juice), flaxseed oil, ground walnuts, and ground cereal (I used oats). I don’t know about copyright laws when it comes to this, so I won’t post the exact recipe, but I Googled it, and you can read about it here:

I added banana on top. I loved it! Sometimes, I find breakfast hard to choke down. But this was so smooth and creamy and easy to eat. And a great way to add nuts to my diet. I ground up a bunch of walnuts, oats, and almonds to have on hand for a quick awesome breakfast all week.

After breakfast, straightening up the abode, the gym, and the grocery store, I had some lunch

Leftover chicken and brown rice with some raw veggies.

I went to work for a late appointment with a bride, the came home to a light, late dinner:

Salmon on the George Foreman, more brown rice and some frozen veggies. That would be a big dollop of homemade tartar sauce. Just a spoonful of mayo, sweet relish, a squeeze of lemon juice, and some chopped dill.

What a yummy day!