Fire Works and Wedding Bells

Happy New Year! I’m excited for a year of possibilities. My resolution this year is to floss my teeth more. Every day would be ideal. Once a week would be an improvement. I also plan to start meditating regularly. Travel plans include Ohio of course, to see my baby sister get married, and hopefully out West. Wine country perhaps? Overall, my goal has and continues to be to practice balance in life.
And this post by Katie at Health for the Whole Self really resonated with my intentions for this year: I think I will adopt the word release for the year. Letting go of control and the pursuit of perfection are my goals this year.

I rang in the New Year in the best place in the world. In bed, watching the ball drop. Then fast asleep, and a wedding set up on this beautiful January 1st.

After the set up, it was home to prepare the New Year’s feast. In my family, we always had saurkraut and pork over mashed potatoes for New Years. Now that I’m a southerner, I thought I should try the black eyed peas and collard greens:

All together made a wonderful meal.

A couple more things to add to the resolution list:

-continue writing my book
-take some classes (writing, cooking, photography,etc…)
-blog more often, and get more involved in the blogging community
-get a fancy dslr camera
-continue making healthy food and fitness choices.
-get health insurance
-start investing more

Guess I had more than I thought. How exciting! I know this is going to be a great year!

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