Blue cheese burgers

I got to spend the day with this clown:

And this guy:

My sister came over with my niece and nephew, and we had a great time playing, going in the hot tub, and cooking on the grill. It was a beautiful day. Warm enough to put a swim suit on, and the hot tub felt awesome. We just heated it up to a nice warm bathwater temp, and the babies loved it! I made sliders with blue cheese, coleslaw and baked beans:

For dinner, I just wanted a simple salad:

Romaine with green peppers, carrots, tomatoes, ham and cheese. There were also some unpictured triple chocolate cookies, half a hot dog and a marshmallow that ended up stuck on the end of my nose. The things we do to keep one year old twins entertained. I love them!!!!

Breakfast for dinner

I know a lot of people eat breakfast for dinner. For me, the urge rarely strikes. But, after eating veggie stew for the past 5 meals, I was in the mood for something different and something sweet. Actually, all I could think about was maple syrup, the real stuff. So breakfast was born:

I picked up this mix a while ago.

It reminded me of the blueberry lemon coffee cake I got at the Ybor City Farmers market:
Click here to read about it.
It was delicious. With a piece of turkey sausage, it fulfilled the craving and left me feeling like I was floating. Sugar buzz.