Sorry I’ve been missing in action lately. I feel like I’ve been in another world and I’m finally starting to come back. There’s nothing like a trip to snowy Ohio to see family to put you back on track. Here’s some pics of the fun:

We had a blast! Although I’m still glad I moved to Florida, it’s so nice to experience snow every once in a while. I think I’ve had my fill of it for a few years, I’m good. We (me, Jordan, My sister Allison, and her husband Drew) took my baby niece and nephew.

I got to see my brothers and sister, baby niece,

That’s Bella, she’s so stinkin cute and sweet.
Dad and Vickie, Grandma, Aunt Jan and Uncle Wayne. It was a very special early Christmas this year.

There was lots of good “healthy for the soul” eating as well. Mostly sausage and cheese and I’m not complaining. But thankfully, all good things must come to an end. I was ready for some “healthy for the body” eats today. For dinner I made Cajun spiced salmon, brocollini with spicy caramelized onions and rice.

Hopefully I can get back on track for good. I always strive to keep a well balanced life, and really struggle when I get off balance. I’ve recently started meditating (or trying to) and so far, I love it! The healthy journey continues. Stay tuned!

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