Early Greetings to the Christmas Season.

Because of a very busy upcoming month, I took advantage of my Sunday off (no wedding, woohoo) and put up the Christmas decorations. And I had the best day doing it with my mom. But before I get into that, let me back track to yesterday’s wedding:

Then I got a real treat last night. My mom and I went to dinner at Texas Cattle Company. This is currently my favorite steakhouse. For an appetizer, we split the smokehouse bacon. 3 strips of bacon didn’t sound like much, but this was not any just any bacon:

The leftovers started to look like a very promising Sunday brunch. For dinner, I ordered the 10 oz. filet, butterflied medium, with 2 sides, red skinned mashed potatoes with blue cheese gravy, and the crispy texas fries (these were my favorite), and even better dipped in the mashed potatoes. And my meal came with a yummy salad that tastes like a salad from Dinolfo’s (a hometown pizza place that was a favorite growing up, so sad it’s no longer there).

This is one of those eye rolling into the back of your head meals. It left me dreaming of Sunday brunch: Steak and eggs, potatoes and bacon, mimosas, yum:

Brunch was enjoyed during the Christmas decorating festivities. I put on the Christmas music, sipped mimosas and enjoyed the quality time spent with my mom. She did a great job on my dining tablescape:

We also made a batch of Ginger cookies to enjoy with brunch:

These are from Immaculate Baking Company, in the refrigerated section, ready to bake, and soooo good. I’ve been eating them all day.

Today was amazing. A perfect day to remember forever. I treasure these days.

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