Weddings, babies, and food.

Did you miss me?  I’m smack dab in the middle of wedding season, actually closer to the end, yay!  Here’s some beauties you missed: Keep scrolling after pictures, for some reason, they are showing way down the page.
















































































I missed some pics on a couple of weddings in between these.  And some eats you missed:












Salmon with mango salsa over rice.












Chicken quesadillas on the George Foreman.  Love that machine!  Of course there have been lots more good eats in between.
Also got to spend some time with my babies:
























I’m teaching them early how to cook.  I can’t wait until I start cooking meals for them.  Then when they grow up they can say “I miss Aunt Emilee’s ____”.
I also spent time with my other babies:







































Yes, I have 4 cats.  Yes, I’m a crazy cat lady, I’ve come to terms with that.  Their names are Squiggy, Petrie, Minnie, and Boo.  They are my kids and I love them.
It’s Friday night and I’m about to eat this fabulous dinner:


























Spinach, basil, garlic gourmet paste from Rossi Pasta with a turkey sausage vodka sauce.  I can’t say enough good things about this pasta.  It is the best I’ve ever had!  May go hang by the neighbor’s bonfire for a while, but to bed early, another wedding tomorrow of course. G’night.











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