She Bakes Bread!

Since I conquered my fear of homemade chicken stock,  thought I would try my hand at another fear.  Homemade bread.  I picked the simplest recipe in my baking cookbook and went to town.  It is easy, relaxing and rewarding, but it does take time.  I made 2 loaves of whole wheat easy pan bread.  And it turned out really good!

My neighbor Pat was the recipient of the second loaf, I wrapped it up in a fabric napkin and put it in a perfectly shaped basket and put it on his chair in his garage with a couple of my cooking magazines.   Pat is awesome.  He’s in his late 70’s I think, and was born and raised in the house next door.  When his parents passed away, he moved into his childhood home.  He has a lot of stories to tell of  the old days. I really enjoy having him as my neighbor.

My eats today were my usual oatmeal with peanut butter and banana for breakfast.  Leftover chicken noodle soup for lunch:

A veggie crudite for a snack:

A slice of bread with butter of course.  And lettuce wraps for dinner:

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