Compliments to the Chef.

It’s amazing what a compliment can do.  Today a women told me I had pretty hands.  Simple, easy compliment, right?  I went on to thank her and say that I never thought I did.  I always thought I had big knuckles from cracking them as a kid (okay maybe I still do sometimes). She actually helped me change my perception of my hands.  And the french manicure helped too:

But really, a compliment can change the way a person perceives themselves.  I often look at people with admiration, but seldom express that.  That’s just silly.  So Mom, you are amazing at everything you do, but especially in how you make life better for everyone around you.  You are a giver.  Allison, you are a great mom.  I have never once heard you complain about the trials of mommyhood with twins.  Jordan, you are so amazingly supportive and let me be me.  Jean, you have really great skin and are an inspiration to all who know your story (Feel like doing a guest post sometime?)  And from know on, if I catch myself thinking it about you, then I’m just gonna say it.

You may have noticed the delicious looking pizza under my hand.  Yes it was lunch at California Pizza Kitchen.  Jean and I split the Four Seasons Pizza and the field greens salad with candied pecans, gorgonzola cheese. and pears.  So stinkin good.

After my wonderful morning of manicures, socializing, and lunch, I went to work for a few hours and then home to make dinner:

That would be turkey sausage, potatoes, and cabbage. Another yummy day! Now go compliment someone!

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