Fall Weddings are beautiful!

Hey everyone.  Wedding season is in full swing.  We actually had a wedding today. Yeah, on a Thursday.  It was a small intimate wedding and sooo pretty:

Fall weddings are so pretty and the weather is just awesome here in Florida.  Lunch is always served during set ups:

Turkey sloppy joes on a whole wheat bun.  After work, I came home and took a glorious nap.  Ya know the ones that feel sooo good, with all the windows in the house open and the perfect temperature, and hearing the birds chirping outside.  It was perfection!

Then for dinner, I made pizza soup:

Ground turkey browned with onions and garlic. Veggies; carrots, celery, carrots, tomatoes, green beans (not original to recipe, but had some leftover).  Spices: oregano, Italian seasoning, bay leaf, beef broth base.  Tomato sauce, water, pasta, and a parmesan cheese rind thrown in the pot for flavor.  This soup is good.

Eaten outside on the back porch:

Ah, have I mentioned I love this weather!  And that I want a better camera!

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