Is it fall yet?

I am in the fall mood, but darn it, this Florida weather isn’t cooperating with me.  It’ still in the 90’s.  I have been getting into the fall spirit though.  I am lighting my fall candles:

Buying the fall produce:

Drinking the fall beer:

I even put a little fall into my breakfast this morning:

Hopefully, the weather will soon cooperate with my longings for fall.  I love to open up all the windows and shut the A/C off.  I was thankful for the A/C today, as I worked up a sweat at the gym.  I made a few pit stops at the bank and grocery store, then I came home and had some lunch:  (I had to break into the string cheese I bought on the way home, I was hung ray.)

Yeah! I found the Bolthouse Farms yogurt ranch dressing.  Awesome!  The salad had a pile of tuna (about a half a can, the cats got the other half, they love me today).  And leftover Kashi pizza, it was the spinach, mushroom kind, but I doctored it up with some sun-dried tomatoes, pine nuts, and gouda cheese.

After lunch, I showered and headed to work  (I usually work late afternoons into the evenings because brides typically like to meet in the evenings and on weekends).  I don’t mind though, because I really like my days to work around the house and go to the gym.  Works for me.  I did take a snack to work but scarfed it down before my camera could capture it.  It was about 1/4 cup of no salt added, low-fat, cottage cheese, a ripe, juicy peach, and an almond granola bar.

The man made dinner, which was sweet, but it was a flop.  Totally not his fault though.  He used a vindaloo simmer sauce I got from Whole Foods.  I should have heeded the warning on the label that said “Hot, Hot, Hot!!!”

I only choked down less than half.  But it was a great excuse to really have ice cream for dinner.  I had about a half cup of cookie dough ice cream.  Couldn’t manage a picture through my watering eyes and running nose.

Great day overall, I managed to remind myself as I was driving into work, that I am in the moment, living my life, now, and to have fun with the bride.  We did!

5 thoughts on “Is it fall yet?

  1. Fall is my fave season! I love your decorations, candles, and foods. I’ve had the toooooo spicy bit happen to me! It makes me so down, but it’s great to learn from mistakes!

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