Stretching Leftovers

I’m back.  Work was great, I just love meeting with the brides.  They are all so sweet and excited.  And everyone is so different, which makes for fun, interesting designs.  In case you missed it, I work as a wedding designer at an event venue.  I work with the brides to design the look of their weddings, then work with a team to create the vision.

I had a late appointment and was thankful for leftovers.  However, it wasn’t quite enough for two.  My creative juices were still flowing, so I added more potatoes (I had boiled the whole bag yesterday), and added more spinach.  I also made hubby and myself lunches for tomorrow, for him, chicken salad wraps.  I used the leftover chicken salad to top some tomatoes I needed to use up:

My meal strategies usually involve pulling out everything that needs to be used up, and seeing how I can put them all together and make it delicious.  I hate, hate, hate, to throw out food.

Here’s my dinner:

Tune in tomorrow.  Good night.

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