My Wabi Sabi life

I’m really embracing this Wabi-Sabi idea.  Although impossible to precisely translate into English, author of the book Wabi-Sabi: for Artists, designers, Poets & Philosophers, Leonard Koren, offers his definition as ” Wabi-sabi is the beauty of things imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete, the antithesis of our Classical Western notion of beauty as something perfect, enduring, and monumental”.  This whole concept really strikes a chord with me.  Maybe that’s why I have always been attracted to the beauty of Paris, and Asian design to name a couple.  But somewhere along the line, I forgot my love of vintage beauty and started striving for impossible perfection.  So, as I walked out the door this morning, I practiced finding the Wabi-Sabi in my life.  I know I really need to work at it because the first thing I noticed was how bad the grass needs cut, but then I saw how beautiful our old shed looked in the morning sunlight:

My goal is to look for and capture in a photo, something that is Wabi-Sabi to me every day.  I will document it on my new blog, stay tuned for that.

In other news.  Breakfast this morning was oatmeal with a yummy addition of pumpkin butter.  Then I went to work and packed a lovely lunch:

On Monday I poached some chicken breasts and made a big pot of quinoa.  I’ve been making meals and snacks out of it all week.  This is a taco salad made by dicing up some of the chicken, mixing in a little quinoa and salsa and zapped in the micro.  Has anyone seen the advertisement for Rachel Ray’s new cooking show.  It’s all about cooking once and eating all week.  Can’t wait, that’s right up my alley.

I’m home on a break, I hit the gym and now I have to get ready and go back into work to meet with another bride.  Be back later.

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