Weekend in Orlando

Let’s go back to Friday and take a trip through the weekend.  I started my day with my usual

Oatmeal and an egg.  Then I went to the gym for my final workout of the week.  I have never been this sore in my life. WoW!  I know it will be worth it.  After the gym, I refueled with a smoothie;

I did some laundry and packed for my weekend trip to Dean and Steve’s house in Orlando.  Dean is my great friend Jean’s twin sister.  She’s a great hostess and cook and we had a blast.  More on that shortly.  For lunch I had:

Roast beef sandwich, broccoli and cauliflower.  We headed to Orlando late in the afternoon and surprisingly didn’t have much of any traffic.  We got there and the party started right away.  A buffet of chips hit the counter and the guacamole was gone before I even got the camera out:

We started sippin wine and havin fun while we waited for hubby to get there.

Dean’s cute new kitty: Tippy.  Finally, Jordan arrived and dinner hit the table:

Cuban sandwiches, Greek salad.

Rice and beans.  All very yummy.

Oh, did I mention my birthday is coming up.  September 11.  And Jean and Dean’s birthday is October 2.  So we thought it would be a good idea to celebrate our birthdays with a carrot cake:

I’ve declared myself their triplet.

There was plenty more wine and some hot tub fun.  Then off to bed in the cute guest cottage:

Saturday started with a long walk to Starbucks:

Then we headed to breakfast at White Wolf Cafe:

There were mango mimosas:

I got the lump crab, brie, and avocado omelet with hash browns and toast.  I didn’t have much of an appetite, so I just nibbled my way through.  Then we went to the farmers market, some shops and The Wine Bar (I think that was the name?)  This place is really cool, you prepay a wine card and use it to put in the machines to get small samples of different kinds of wines.  I loved it!

Then we went to lunch and shoot, I didn’t catch the name of this great restaurant right in the middle of a cute neighborhood.  hubby and I split a chicken burrito:

Then it was more shopping, and eventually back to Dean and Steve’s for dinner:

Pulled pork sammies, coleslaw, oven fries.  Delicious!  Then more carrot cake for dessert of course.  I was exhausted from staying up late and a fun-filled day, so shortly after dinner, I had to hit the sack.  But before I knew it, it was morning and I got to enjoy Dean’s cooking;

Then we headed home where I exhaustedly fell into bed and took a nap.  I woke up refreshed and switched gears into cleaning mode because I’m having my family over tomorrow for Labor Day.  For dinner I experimented with a new chicken dish and a brussels sprouts recipe from Cooking Light magazine:

For the chicken, I put some jarred marinara sauce in a pan, layered in my chicken, sliced onions, banana peppers, more sauce and baked for about a half hour or until internal temp of 165.  The last 15 minutes, I melted some cheese over top.  It turned out extremely good.  I will definitely make this again.  On the side, I made roasted brussel sprouts with sun-dried tomato pest.  Recipe to come soon. 

I must get to bed early and go to the gym and the grocery store in the morning before I start cooking and entertaining.

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