Amish Country and Warthers Museum

No visit home is complete without a trip to Amish country.  I have a favorite food store there where I go to stock up on goodies to take back to Florida.  After a morning run (not used to these Ohio hills), we went to visit with grandma, then out to Walnut Creek:

This was parked out front:

I stocked up on homemade noodles, some soup mixes, apple pie filing and yellow cake mix to make a yummy apple cake, apple butter, pumpkin butter, spicy chipoltle apple butter BBQ sauce, Trail bologna and swiss cheese.

After my shopping spree, we ate dinner at Der Dutchman.  Yummy homemade Amish cooking:

Salad, baked chicken, roast beef, noodles, mashed taters and gravy, stuffing, homemade bread.  The chicken is local and naturally organic.  Love it!

I also stopped at Warther’s Muesuem.  This is a fascinating place.  If you are ever anywhere in Ohio, this is worth a visit.  They also make the most amazing knives.  I brought my set all the way from Florida to get a free sharpening.  It was really cool, you got to walk right in the factory and watch the man sharpen them:

Mr Warther’s wife was an avid button collector, her button house showcases some beautiful displays:

They also have beautiful gardens:

Every person should witness the marvel of Mooney Warther’s carvings!

Family Reunion

I’ve been eating lots of yummy treats here in my hometown.  Sunday we had 4 of 5 of dad’s kids and both of his wife’s kids over for a cookout and Sebastian’s 21st birthday party.  He’s the singer and guitar player for the band Always After, check out his Myspace here:  Here’s a pic of the birthday boy:

He doesn’t really have six arms.  For the celebration, we had a cookout.  Ribs, BBQ chicken, Jamaican jerk chicken, coleslaw, macaroni salad, corn on the cob, and garden fresh maters.  Here’s my plate:

I also snacked on some chips and homemade salsa:

Recipes to come soon, I promise.  We played corn hole, played with my cute niece:

That’s my baby sister and her beautiful baby girl.  She loves corn too. We had a great time and finished the night with birthday cake of course:

That cake was delicious!  What a great day!