Great Grandma’s Fried Swiss Mac and Cheese.

I think every family has that one special dish passed down from generation to generation, ours is Grandma Yockey’s Fried Swiss Macaroni and Cheese.  There is nothing healthy about this meal except that maybe one serving of it would be enough to keep you alive through a long cold winter.  But it is delicious and special and I got to have it this week.

Here is my dad preparing the historic family meal:

It is just macaroni noodles and swiss cheese, great grandma used to add lard, we leave that out.  Does that make it healthier?  I guess I could use whole wheat noodles and low-fat swiss cheese……Um, I don’t think so, I won’t mess with perfection.

Oh and that sweet corn and tomatoes, they are perfection too.  I think I ate a half a dozen corn and a dozen tomatoes this week.  I also had some turkey sausage that didn’t make it into the picture.  Here’s some pics of the farmer’s market:

I should also mention lunch.  I had to make a stop at the drive in root beer stand for a frosty mug of the best darn root beer I’ve ever had, and a coney dog because that’s just what you get there:

And of course there was breakfast, another hometown treat:

If I have gained five pounds this week, it has been totally worth it!

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