Family Reunion

I’ve been eating lots of yummy treats here in my hometown.  Sunday we had 4 of 5 of dad’s kids and both of his wife’s kids over for a cookout and Sebastian’s 21st birthday party.  He’s the singer and guitar player for the band Always After, check out his Myspace here:  Here’s a pic of the birthday boy:

He doesn’t really have six arms.  For the celebration, we had a cookout.  Ribs, BBQ chicken, Jamaican jerk chicken, coleslaw, macaroni salad, corn on the cob, and garden fresh maters.  Here’s my plate:

I also snacked on some chips and homemade salsa:

Recipes to come soon, I promise.  We played corn hole, played with my cute niece:

That’s my baby sister and her beautiful baby girl.  She loves corn too. We had a great time and finished the night with birthday cake of course:

That cake was delicious!  What a great day!

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