Picnic in the Park

What a wonderful Sunday.   I packed up  lunch and headed to the park to hike the trails.  Yes, it’s Florida and 100 degrees in August, but we had plenty of liquids and really, on the shaded trails, it wasn’t bad at all.  We got in a good, fun workout and had a great lunch:

Poached chicken on whole wheat bagels,tomato and cucumber salad, and fruits (mango, nectarine, and peaches).  I’ve been trying to eat protein, whole grains, veggies/fruit and healthy fats at every meal/snack.  Snacks have been the challenge.  They have really been spur of the moment, shove something (healthy) into my mouth, if I remember to snack at all.  I’ll try harder to remember, I know how important it is to keep fueling my body and metabolism.  Today’s snack was some whole wheat pita chips and spicy hummus, (unpictured).  Sorry, just shoveled it in.

Some fun pics from the trail:

Fun times!  After hiking we came home and jumped in the neighbor’s pool.

Then cooked dinner:

Turkey sloppy joes with spicy sweet potato fries.  Thanks honey.  Then we hit the hay.  Great day!

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