Vacation over for now.

I wish I could show you all the wonderfully indulgent food photos I didn’t take while on vacation.  I promise next time to not vacation from my blog.  I ate, I drank, and I was merry.  I visited with family and made some great memories.  Now I am back to my healthy ways.  I was feeling the need for an extra healthy day, so I started out with my beloved oatmeal:

My old stand by with bananas, crunchy peanut butter, cinnamon, and chia seeds.

I digested and went to the gym.  It felt great to work out after 5 days off.  Post work out I refueled with a salad and smoothie:

Smoothie made with spinach, banana, mango, strawberry, blueberries, cherries, yogurt, and mango juice.  Salad made with romaine, celery, carrot, and kidney beans. 

More veggies for dinner:

Salad with some turkey breast.

Amy’s Mediterranean pizza.

Ahhh! Yummy, healthy, overall good day.  Good night.

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