Spinning is for crazy people!

Tuesday breakfast was eaten in the car on the way to work:

Met with another bride, organized my new office, pictures to come soon. And had lunch at my desk:

Salad with chick peas and cold boiled potatoes.  After work, I ran some errands until it was spin class time.  Spin class is for crazy people by the way.  It was my first time.  I thought I was pretty fit. But, boy was I wrong.  After less than a minute into the 45 minute class, I thought “what in the ‘bleep’ did I get myself into?”, but I couldn’t walk out after only a minute.  Five minutes in, my water bottle popped out of its holder and emptied onto the floor.  After 20 minutes, and feeling like death was approaching, I had to briefly get off my bike to fill up my water bottle.  The instructor said now would be a good time to quit if I was not feeling up to it.  Oh no she did not!  Did she know how rebellious I am, just tell me not to do something, or quit, and I’ll show you!  I hopped back on that bike and raced through the valley of the shadow of death.  After it was finally over, I walked my shaky legs outta there with my head held high, and my clothes soaked.

I refueled with dinner:

Chicken on the grill, taters, broccoli, and a slice of leftover pizza.

Then as I went to bed, I could feel my leg muscles throbbing and aching, and was thankful for a wonderful hubby who rubbed them til I fell asleep.

Then today, Wednesday, I woke up craving no bake cookies my mom always used to make growing up.  Basically, they are oats, peanut butter, cocoa powder, butter and sugar.  I improvised for a tasty healthy breakfast:

Oatmeal with a square of chocolate shredded over top and some peanut butter, and flax seed.  A naner and hard-boiled egg on the side.  Today was laundry day, it is rare that I have every bit of laundry but the clothes on our backs clean, but today I accomplished that, as well as a boat load of ironing. 

For lunch:

Salad with potatoes, cucumber, celery, roasted red peppers, and leftover chicken.  My lunch salads fill me up, but in exactly 3 hours I am hungry again.  So a big snack was in order:

Hard boiled egg whites, carrots, celery , and hummus, and a slice of whole wheat with mango jam.  Look at my little eggs-periment:

A little hummus with a squirt of mustard on top makes an interesting deviled egg.  I think it would be even better if I mixed the mustard with the hummus, and maybe some other seasonings and sprinkled a little paprika on top.  I’m also thinking about what I could do with avocados.  I think I will challenge myself and all of you to come up with some healthy, different ideas for deviled eggs.  How does that sound?

Dinner was another impromptu meal:

Shrimp pesto over whole wheat noodles, scallops, and mixed veggies. Yum! 

And for dessert, I found these little cuties:

Little sorbets in fruit shells, this one is pomegranate lemon sorbet in a lemon half, so dang good, and low in calories too.  Now I must say good night and go watch So You Think You Can Dance.

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