Countdown to vacation

Another yummy day. Lots to get done before I fly out Saturday to meet my dad and visit my twin nieces in Mobile, Alabama.  On the list: work, a month’s worth of Quickbooks, four months worth of filing, paperwork, banking, laundry, packing, meet with the mortgage guy, attend Rich Dad Poor Dad seminar, and grocery shop for trip snacks and food that the hubby will actually prepare and eat while I’m gone.

This feat will require proper fuel:

Oatmeal with blueberries.

And an egg popped in the microwave for a minute or so.

I started my to do list, took the neighbor kid to church camp and had some lunch before work:

I had some leftover chicken kabobs and rice, and heated it up with some frozen mixed veggies and a splash of roasted red pepper salad dressing. Delish!  I went to work, if you can call it work.  It’s just fun.  I came to the conclusion a while ago that I refuse to work at something unless I love what I’m doing.  At “work”, I met with a bride to design her wedding, and did some organizing and paperwork.  I had packed a snack of nonfat greek yogurt and pineapple, but did not pack my camera.  Use your imagination.

After work, I decided against sitting on the couch and headed to the gym instead.  Thanks to my new Droid, I could listen to music on the treadmill.  Love this phone!


Big ol salad and an Amy’s Margherita pizza.  I’m too full for dessert. Weird, huh?  I’m planning on jumping into bed soon.  I have to work in the morning, and I plan on going to the gym again tomorrow.  I have only been going on Mon, Wed, and Fri, and running the same time and distance on the treadmill, I need to break out of my rut and add some weight training, and I’d like to try a spinning class.  My goal is to go every day this week, because I’ll be on vacation for 5 days and I know there will be lots of eating out and little to no exercise.  Can’t wait to relax by the pool!

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