Baby love

The weekend is officially here.  For most of you that means a long 3 day weekend.  For me that means, two more weddings.  But it doesn’t really feel like work, and I usually get done pretty early, and we are having a Memorial Day neighborhood party on Sunday.  So I’m looking forward to it.

Let’s go back to Thursday breakfast:

The last bowl of cereal with a naner.

Then I rushed out the door to work.  I had to get all my ducks in a row for this weekend’s weddings.  The last weekend of busy season, then low-key until the fall.  We are an outdoor wedding facility, which makes for a hot summer wedding in Florida.  I also had to prepare for a Bridal show we are having next weekend.  I plan to stay busy throughout the summer while still enjoying several weeks of vacations.

I brought leftovers to work for lunch:

Fake chicken stir fry.

After work, I went to my sister’s to see my babies.  They just get cuter every time I see them.   Mom was at my sister’s (she’s on the health food wagon too), and she had some yummy organic cucumbers and hummus to snack on:

After we got the babies to bed, (I must say, Auntie Em has the magic touch), we had some pizza:

I picked the chicken off this BBQ chicken pizza, it was just okay.  It was off to bed early in anticipation of a big Friday (taking the babies on a field trip to Whole Foods).

Friday breakfast was in 2 stages.  Stage 1:

These cherries were awesome!  I ate more than a handful before going running.  I ran about 2.5 miles and boy was it hot!  I should have went at 6:30 when the baby alarm first went off. 

Stage 2:

After my run I had a bowl off oatmeal with lots of peanut butter,  I let it cool for a good 20 minutes because it was so stinkin hot, and I had my hands full of babies. Love, love, love it!

This is a blog about food, but I want to eat these babies up, so here’s some pics of the loves of my life:

Gracie beeping her horn.

Evan likes to put his feet in his mouth.

We packed them up and ventured to Whole Foods.  I got lots of goodies and we had lunch:

There was some veggies with dressing, tater salad, vegetarian “chicken” chili, An Indian eggplant dish, black-eyed pea salad, couscous salad, and a fudgy, yummy, dessert.

Washed it all down with a Kombucha:

I only drank half of this, and saved the rest for when I got home to have with this treasure I found:

Only 120 calories per serving (20 chips!), and barely any fat, these chips rock!  And I didn’t even eat half a serving, they were so yummy, salty, and vinegary, a few totally satisfy.

Dinner was a meatless fantasy:

Yes, those would be meatless wings:

I highly recommend this.  Hubby would too.  I’m still trying to figure out how to buy and cook for him.  Do I buy the expensive, organic food for him, that he could polish off in one sitting,  when he would be happy eating ramen soup and grilled cheese, or do I buy him the cheap crap?  Any opinions?

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