Tomato love

Saturday morning breakfast was supposed to be this:

A Jimmy Dean Turkey D’Lite breakfast sandwich.  After one bite, I knew it wasn’t settling well in my belly, so it was half a banana and off to work.  Another beautiful wedding:

I brought my lunch to work.  But I just couldn’t resist the lure of the meatballs.

I had a turkey wrap on whole wheat tortilla and a mound of meatballs.  I may have gone back for even more meatballs, they were too darn good.  After work and all those balls, I only wanted one thing, a nap.  So nap I did.  It was one of those glorious naps that feel soooooo good.  After my nap, I went running for a couple of miles.  It felt great to work those muscles.

Dinner was one of hubby’s favorites:

Chicken Tikka Masala over whole wheat couscous.  I didn’t finish this.  I think I was still stuffed with meatballs.  I did eat an entire garden fresh tomato though.

This was the best tomato I’ve had in a long time.  I love tomatoes, and have rarely found one in Florida as good as the ones in Ohio.  Is it all in my mind?  I love my Ohio tomatoes so much that I’m planning my yearly trip to Ohio during peak tomato season.  Call me crazy. You know the saying, “There is no love more sincere than the love of food”.  I agree.

One thought on “Tomato love

  1. Hey Emilee,
    I have a recipe for a great wrap if you want it. It is a spinach wrap with lettuce (romaine), guacamole or cut up avocado, chicken, red peppers, cucumbers, a little dressing either ranch or cucumber. The ranch dressing with the guacamole is really good! I’m going to make one right now! YUM


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