Out of hiding.

Well, my laptop has been out of the shop for a week, but I haven’t been blogging.  I’ve missed it, so now I’m back.  I was going to highlight some of the things that I’ve been munching on since I last wrote.  It hasn’t always been as healthy as I’d like.  It’s amazing how having a “health food blog” helps keep me making healthy choices.  I like to eat healthy anyway, but this really holds me accountable to live the healthy lifestyle I want to.  So, I’ve decided to just start fresh today. 

For breakfast:

A bowl of cereal and apple juice with ORAC Energy Green powder.  I was feeling a little under the weather, stuffed up and a sore throat, and this concoction usually helps.  As I sit here this evening, 12 hours later, I feel almost 100% better.  I had planned to run today, but I listened to my body, and rested all day.  Yep, I was a lazy bum!   We have a super busy weekend with 3 weddings, so I really needed to get up to par.

I packed in more nutrition for lunch:

Quinoa salad with tomato, mango, cucumber, onion, jalapeno, avocado, and lime juice.


Organic spinach with hummus and pita chips.  I ended up dumping both salads together in one bowl and it was awesome and super healthy.

I also snacked on a frozen fruit bar at some point, and a couple of pieces of random candy (a jelly bean, a gum drop, and a couple of lemon drops).  Sweet tooth attack!

Dinner was leftover lettuce wraps from last night, but  I didn’t blog them, so here they are:

I ate the tomatoes by themselves, and wrapped up the chicken (with mushrooms, scallions, ginger, garlic, peanut butter, peanuts, hot sauce, and lower sodium soy sauce) in the lettuce leaves, with a dash of hot sauce:

Sorry, no picture of my yummy chocolate frozen yogurt for dessert.  Went down the hatch way too fast.  I’m so glad I got back to this.  Thanks Vicki for lighting a fire under my butt.  Tomorrow will be a complete post with wedding pictures too.  See you then. Night!

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