Hummus Among Us

Well, I didn’t quite make it out to run by 8:00, but I did get out by 9:00.  That’s progress.  The weather was gorgeous all day actually.  It was a great run.  I’m treasuring every day I can get out.  I know the summer days are coming soon and I will have to join the gym.  I dread the treadmill.  Note to self,: Must get an Ipod before then.  Before my run, I had a quick bite:

I’m hooked on bananas with peanut butter and honey.  It was just the right amount of fuel.  Post run, I had a small bowl of cereal:

More bananas of course.

I had lots of energy.  I finally finished my laundry, and cleaned the house before going into work for a few hours.  I only work part-time, which is exactly what I want.  I still have a business (Compass Coatings) to keep in order, and I want to have plenty of time to work on being healthy, keep my house up, and enjoy life in general.  It takes time to plan and make healthy meals and workout.  I’m just not willing to over work myself and not have time for a life I love. I had to be creative and learn to live within our means.  There was a time I worked 50 hours a week and got paid a good salary, and my husband still worked Compass Coatings.  It feels like we have more now than then. 

Lunch was leftovers. That seems to be a trend.  Just hate to waste food:

After work, I came home to my husband and the neighbor drooling over our new Weber grill.  We’ve never had a new grill, only hand me downs.  I think my husband’s in love.  We sat outside in the awesome weather and enjoyed a glass of wine and some snackies:

Spicy hummus.  We polished this off.  It tasted as good as it looks!  Then off course, hubby wanted to use the grill, so this is what we created:

Buffalo chicken burger with melty Maytag blue cheese and grilled veggies.  Wow! this was amazing!!!! And the burgers were Organic and on sale at Target for half off.  I also used Target brand buffalo sauce.  Everything about this meal makes me happy!

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