Weekend highlights.

Well,  this weekend was a blur.  I didn’t eat the best and I forgot my camera.  Off weekend I guess.  And my laptop isn’t fixed yet.  So, I’m stuck in the office for now.  Anyways, Friday night started off great with some chips and salsa:

And some great friends in town for the weekend.  Dinner was Imperial Rice.  Recipe from another great friend Mari’s family:

I will get the recipe to you soon, it has chicken, green peppers, onions, cumin, oregano, tomato sauce, layered between beds of saffron infused rice, topped with mayo and peas.  I know, mayo sounds weird, but I swear, everyone loves it, and can’t guess what is on top.

That was Friday night, then Saturday started off with a wonderful breakfast.  I only captured some of it before hubby had to take the camera to work to snap some “after shots”.

Breakfast was turkey sausage with eggs and fresh fruit with yogurt and granola.  I had a hefty portion and that was about all I ate all day.  I had some unpictured nibblies throughout the day.

Sunday morning was:

A reduced fat Pillsbury cinnamon roll.  I wish I would have had two.  It twas really good.  Then I went to set up a wedding and yes, I forgot my camera. Darn it anyway!!!!!  The wedding was blue and yellow and very pretty.  The served lunch was hot dogs.  Thankfully my Jean loves me and split her yummy wrap with me.  What a lifesaver!  Yet, no picture.  When I got home, I took a heavenly nap.  When I woke, my lack of meals the day before was kicking in and my tummy was a growling.  I did a typical Sunday feast of using up all the fridge’s leftovers:

Some sushi to nibble on.

Imperial rice, baked potato, and veggies.

The weekend was filled with good friends and good times.  And I’m glad to get back to a healthy daily routine.

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