Black Lab Monday.

I had an adventure with a black lab today!  And I’m soooo glad it turned out the way it did! Thank you God!  I started back on my healthy ways with a bowl of my favorite cereal:

After I digested a little and did a lot of office work, I headed out for a morning run. On my run, I saw this boy/guy walking a black lab.  I was friendly and said hi, and continued on my way.  I ran up my normal street, and on my way back, the guy was gone and the dog was standing in the middle of the road.  She walked right up to me, so I took her by her leash.  I noticed it was broken, like she had been tied up and got away.   I walked her for about an hour, trying to find the guy.  I figured he had found her and pawned her off on me.  I stopped and asked a police woman what to do.  She said she could call animal services.  Well, we all know that never ends up good for the doggie.  So, I prayed that God  would lead her home safely, and kept saying “let’s go home girl!”, and after walking me around Plant City, we ended up at a house that I hope was hers.  She walked right up onto a screened in porch which had a torn screen in the door.  The front door was open, and I yelled “Hey, I have your dog…I think”  But no one came.  She layed down and looked at home, so I left her there and continued on my way.  I hope she’s okay.  I just love animals!

After my adventure, I was hot and hungry.  I made myself an awesome salad an a big ol glass of ORAC Energy Greens:

Romaine lettuce, cucumber, tomato, avocado, corn, scallions, hard-boiled egg whites, and ham, with Dijon vinaigrette.  This hit the spot.  I was needing some veggies in my life.

I had the day off today, so I was able to put a small dent in my laundry and clean up my yard a bit after a scary storm last night.  Now, I love a good thunderstorm, but this one had me hiding in the closet.  I could feel the thunder shaking my house through the floor.  The thought of tornadoes has always scared me as a kid.  I remember in Ohio, hearing the warning sirens and going to the basement.  Well, in Florida, we have no sirens, and no basements. And I have no interior rooms in my bungalow.  Scary stuff!  But we survived with only a few fallen tree limbs.  Tonight I shall catch up on my sleep.  Good night.

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