Laptop down, oh my!

Hello everyone! Did ya miss me? I’ve certainly missed my laptop, as I’m sitting in my office in my uncomfy chair.  My laptop battery is has gone ka-put, as well as my plug-in thingy.  It should be all worked out by tomorrow.  I like to blog in the evenings, sitting on my comfy couch, while my hubby watches tv and rubs my feet and legs.  That’s the good life.  Anywho, where did I leave off?  I think I need to go back to Friday morning.  A busy day was about to commence, so I fueled up on a big breakfast before I went to work to set up for a Quinceanera and a rehearsal dinner:

More leftover Spanish pork and egg whites with hot sauce, and some oatmeal.  Here is the Quinceanera picture:

And the rehearsal dinner for the next day’s wedding was themed as a Mexican Fiesta:

It was soooo pretty!!!

Then for lunch, I had:

Leftover gyro, with potato salad made from leftover redskin potatoes and taztiki sauce, not so good actually.  So when I got home, I immediately had a snack:

Reduced sodium turkey lunch meat with lightly salted Triscuits and salsa. Yum!

After work, I came home and battled a 24 hour flu bug.  I had been feeling feverish all day, and had that lingering sore throat.  So what did I do?  I crawled in bed and didn’t come out for the rest of the day.  And for dinner, I was craving comfort food.  Some good old bbq and chicken wings.  I love, love, love wings!  (Why can’t they be healthy, whhhhhyyyyyy!!!!????) was in order:

Ribs with collard greens, and a sweet potato.  Unfortunately, there was nothing tasty about this meal.  I picked at the ribs and that was about it.

Wings were okay, but I just picked at them too.  Can you tell, I ate dinner in my bed?  My hankering for junk food turned into a hankering for health food after this disappointing meal, sorry Woody’s, I won’t be getting you again.  So I made a big ol plate of veggies:

Now this hit the spot.  There were some jelly beans later during a movie, all in bed of course.

Saturday was a new day and a new me.  I felt sooo much better.  I had some toast before heading off to set up for a wedding:

Peanut butter on rye.  I didn’t eat the naner. 

I forgot my camera at home!! The wedding was beautiful too! Brown and ivory with crystal and pearls.  And lunch was tacos leftover from the Mexican Fiesta. 

After work , I was still feeling good, so I headed out for a run.  Then I came home, soaked in the hot tub with a glass of wine and then showered and headed over to the neighbor’s house for steaks on the grill. A friend brought over some crab cakes made from crabs caught fresh that day:



Yes, I gnawed on the bone and I loved it!

Sunday morning started off with a bowl of oatmeal with a naner before heading off to  work for another wedding set up:

I didn’t pack a lunch, and I was so glad the served lunch was pretty healthy:

Taco salad. Very tasty!

Here is a  picture from Sunday’s wedding, the other ones didn’t turn out.  It was brown and pink:

The wedding turned out beautiful ,despite the rain.  My dinner, however, looked beautiful, but was a disaster:

Pesto grouper with brown rice and veggies.  I cooked the grouper for 3 minutes longer than recommended.  My reasoning behind this was,  I marinated the grouper in the pan it was to be cooked in the fridge.  So, I thought that sticking a cold pan in the oven would take a few minutes to heat up.  I don’t know if that was it, but the fish was tough as nails.  I couldn’t even eat it, and I can eat just about anything.  So, I pouted for a few minutes, then I heated up a lentil and kidney bean packet, and ate a hard-boiled egg for some more protein.  So my real dinner looked like this:

It was healthy and hit the spot, so I can’t complain.  I was craving something a little unusual for dessert:

Yep, cinnamon toast!  Looks good, doesn’t it?   Makes you want some, doesn’t it?  It was good.  So good in fact, I had to have it again for breakfast the next day, which is today, Monday, right?

I’ve heard and read that people don’t realize what they eat, and I can attest to this.  I had to use my pictures to remember what I ate for the past four days.  A couple of times, I started writing what I thought I had eaten, only to discover when I went to post the picture, that it was something else.  This must be why a food journal is such a great weight loss tool. 

I packed my lunch for work today, but didn’t eat until around 3:00. I was hung-ray and scarfed down this salad:

Boston bibb lettuce, tomato, kidney beans, broccoli slaw, hard-boiled eggs. and blue cheese crumbles with Italian dressing.  I love me a healthy lunch!  Dinner was something I’ve been craving for a while, and this afternoon was the perfect rainy, cooler weather to make it:

Homemade chicken noodle soup with organic ingredients and whole wheat noodles.  So comforting and delicious.  I’m so glad there were lots of leftovers.  I’m already thinking about my lunch tomorrow.  No dessert for me tonight.  I’ve been in the office for some time now.  I’ve already had my bath, and now I’m off to bed.  See you tomorrow, hopefully from the comfort of my big green couch.

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