Tuesday and Wednesday.

Sorry I didn’t post Tuesday’s yet.  I try to post every day’s events each night, except weekends I group into one long post.  But yesterday just got away from me.  Anyway, yesterday, I had two mini breakfasts.  One before my run:

Peanut butter on rye.  And another breakfast after my run:

Egg whites with salsa and hot sauce, and apple juice with ORAC Energy Greens.  I’ve been fighting a sore throat and this boost of greens usually helps me.  I worked around the house a little and prepped dinner.  I had a late meeting scheduled with a bride, so I got everything ready for Jordan to throw in the oven on my way home.  Yes healthy eating takes more planning and prep work, but oh so worth it!

Before heading into work, I made a wrap for lunch:

Boars Head reduced sodium turkey breast wrap on whole wheat with Maytag blue cheese, and broccoli slaw.  My friend Jean recommended the broccoli slaw, and let me tell you, Jean must be short for Jeanius, this was awesome!

Then I worked and came home to a nice hot dinner.  So dinner was per request of my husband, his favorite:

Sheppard’s pie. I tried to make it healthier by using extra lean ground beef, tons of mushrooms, onions, peas, and carrots, and very little Smart Balance “butter” and almond milk in my mashed potatoes.  Turned out realllly good!

Then this morning, (Wednesday) I had to go in for some blood work, so I wasn’t allowed to eat.  I never used to eat breakfast, but now that I do, it was torture not to.  I was so hungry and had to wait a loooong time, I finally ate breakfast at 11:30:

A hearty bowl of oatmeal with almond butter, banana, and agave nectar.  After breakfast, I felt drained, I had to lay down for a while.  I had planned to go for a run, but listened to my body instead.   I had some lunch when I arose:

Another delicious turkey wrap.  Then the cooking mood struck.  I prepped tomorrow’s dinner, made the hubby lunch, and started cooking tonight’s dinner, which was:

Spanish pork with redskin potatoes.  The pork had zucchini, onions, garlic, red pepper, tomatoes, corn, and peas, seasoned with paprika, and sprinkled with goat cheese.  I added a little hot sauce as well.  It was pretty good, but not my favorite.  But it was really healthful and filling, so I’m not complaining. 

I just had a square of dark chocolate, and now I’m going to soak in the hot tub a while then hit the sack.  Good night!

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