A wonderful weekend!

So Friday started off a busy weekend.  I worked for a few hours in the morning to get everything in order for the two weddings this weekend.  Breakfast on the run:

Bad picture.  Jimmy Dean’s Turkey D’lite.  I only worked a couple of hours, then I went to baby sit my baby niece and nephew.  I just looooooove them!  I scavenged up some lunch from my sister’s fridge:

Turkey wrap on whole wheat with bacon, mustard, lettuce, and mayo, with carrots and jalapeno, cilantro hummus.  Dinner was Papa John’s:

Only one piece of pizza.  I was more interested in the chicken strips.  Still a blah dinner, sorry Alley, my belly hurt afterwards!  When I eat junk, I pay for it now.

I spent the night at my mom’s.  We had to work together bright and early cooking and serving breakfast to the bridal party.  Our breakfast was not so great though.  Sorry ma, but I had to heat up yesterday’s coffee because I don’t function well without it, and I found some pineapple from her fridge and a pack of granola from the bottom of my purse, eaten on the drive to work.  No picture, though.

For lunch:

Chicken wrap with a couple Doritos.  After work, I went for a run, worked in the yard, cleaned up the house, and entertained guests until 11:00 at night.  Must have been the caffeine from the diet Coke.  Another belly hurting meal. Ouch!

So for my dinner, I wanted something really light and healthy:

It’s a lentil, kidney bean mixture, served over a quinoa, brown rice mixture.  With a dallop of sour cream, and a healthy dose of hot sauce.  And there was pizza ordered later, and I’m the pepperoni bandit. 

Here’s some pictures from this wedding:

Then for breakfast this morning, I wanted something really healthy.  I had a bowl of this awesome cereal:

It just makes me feel good to eat good!  No belly aches here.   Then, it was off to set up another wedding:

For lunch we had sammies:

Turkey on whole wheat and some tater chips.  After work it was time for a little r&r.  Some wine, and turkey burgers on the grill:

Not just any turkey burger, but a patty melt on rye! With sweet tater fries and a salad.

And for dessert:

Previously frozen homemade snickers.  They freeze really well! I’m so glad because they rock! Thank you Ray and Carol, I will be needing more of these soon, they’re my favorite! 

Another busy week ahead, off to shower and bed.  Good night!

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