Love is in the air!

Tis the season for weddings!  This weekend we have two weddings, and three to plan for next weekend.  It was a busy day at work to say the least.  I did get a morning run in.  I ate a piece of  rye bread with a smear of peanut butter pre- run:

Then I had some egg whites with salsa post- run:

Then I packed my lunch, and prepared my crock pot dinner before heading off to work.

Here’s my lunch:

Romaine, cucumber, tomatoes, and great northern beans.

For my crock pot dinner, I dumped in a big can of crushed tomatoes, and about a half  jar of leftover marinara, some chopped onions, red peppers, and garlic that I prepped the night before, and sliced organic chicken sausage.  All I had to do when I got home was boil some water for my whole wheat noodles:

With some parmesan and basil sprinkled on top.  The chicken sausage got a little tough after a full day of cooking, but the sauce was amazing.  It makes a difference when you cook something all day.  Well I feel cooked, so I’m heading to bed soon, to rest up for the busy weekend. Night!

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