A Wednesday off.

Happy hump day!  I found a new favorite cereal:

 I had half of a protein bar before my run. 

And of bowl of cereal with almond milk, and some Egg Beaters egg whites with salsa and hot sauce.  It’s important to have that protein to build those muscles!  I had the day off, which was not actually a day off.  I did laundry, Quickbooks, filing, and ran errands.  But I don’t mind, none of my life actually feels like “work”, it’s just what I do, and I enjoy it.


Salad with romaine, tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, and little tiny shrimpies.

Not too much later, I was hungry again:

I snacked on a piece of rye bread with peanut butter. 

I did manage to squeak in a little r&r, read magazines, and planned a week’s worth of new recipes.  Stay tuned next week for those.  Then I ate dinner solo again:

Another salad, this one with great northern beans, and black olives, and a few slices of Amy’s Margherita pizza.  My hunger was finally satiated.  But that didn’t deter me from dessert:

It took me 3 days to finish a piece of cheesecake.  And I savored every small bite.  Even Boo had a few crumbs:

That Boo has a sweet tooth!  Have a good night everyone!

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