It’s hard to remember not eating breakfast.  It wasn’t very long ago that I did not.  So much can change in a year.  In a year, I quit smoking, started running, started eating right, changed careers, gained three nieces and 1 nephew, lost 5 pounds and more than a few  inches.  All this from eating breakfast?  Well, no, all this because of lots of prayers.  I envisioned the way I wanted my life to be and prayed hard for God to transform me.  He put in me the drive and motivation to make the changes in my life necessary to experience this.  It’s awesome!  Prayer can do sooooo much! 

For breakfast:

Bran Flakes and a cup a joe.  It was gobble, gobble, and off to work.  A full day of meetings and productivity.  It was a late but yummy lunch:

I love these Quorn meatless “chicken” patties.  I slathered on some Smart Balance mayo on my whole wheat bun and added a couple of pickles, and crunched on some carrots.  I stopped at Publix on my way home to pick up some more Easter celebration supplies.  I finally got home and relaxed a bit and then I whipped up a salad to go with Amy’s mushroom and olive pizza:

Love this pizza!  For dessert, my beloved dark chocolate.  Every day should have a little something sweet in it!

2 thoughts on “Prayer=Transformation.

  1. How inspirational! My husbands losing so much weight, too. I went crazy cooking huge calorie-laden meals during the holidays, but just simple things like cooking lighter and as often as possible, not drinking colas and juices, and of course eating breakfast can effect your body and mind. I’ll link your blog on my twitter and blog so others can possibly change!!

    • Thanks! My husband’s losing too. Luckily, he’s not a picky eater, and enjoys the healthy foods I am now cooking as much as the not so healthy ones I used to cook.

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