Punjab shrimp.

Let the madness begin!  It was off to the races this morning to get everything done for my crazy busy weekend.  I woke up early to go running before work.  But the rain said no, so I hit the home office for a little banking and Quickbooks.  I ate breakfast while working:

Oatmeal with almond butter, flax seed, and cinnamon, and a grapefruit from my tree.  This is actually the first time I’ve eaten my grapefruit.  I know, silly me, I have a grapefruit tree and an orange tree, and I buy orange juice. Crazy.  So I decided to start taking advantage of these wonderful fruit trees.  My grapefruit tasted great!  They didn’t peel and segment very good though.  I think they’ll make awesome juice!

I worked for a few hours and ate lunch before heading out to shop:

Reduced sodium Boars Head ham on a whole wheat bun, with gouda cheese, Smart Balance mayo, and mustard.  I cut up a tomato and put some of Jean’s yummy Vidalia dressing on them.

I shopped at Costco for some supplies for my Easter celebration.  While I was there, I snacked on some random samples.  I ended up buying these that they were sampling and made a dinner out of them:

I served the lentils over the rice/quinoa.  For the main dish I made Punjab spinach shrimp:

So easy and sooo good!  I could have eaten this at least twice.  But I stopped when I was no longer hungry (and the food was gone).  Before dinner, I did get my to go on my run, and did 90 crunches, and 30 push ups.  Now, I’m thinking chocolate. G’nite!

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