Busy day, lazy day.

How was everyone’s weekend? I had a busy, productive Saturday, and a super lazy Sunday.  Sometimes you just need to lay around all day and watch movies.  My weekend started with a wedding set up.  I grabbed a Jimmy Dean D’Lite and ate it in the car on the way to work:

It has turkey sausage and egg whites on whole wheat muffin.  Very, very good!  The wedding turned out beautiful.  I work at Cross Creek Ranch.  It is a ten-acre wedding venue.  The receptions are held in the stable.  It’s so much fun getting to help create other people’s weddings:

Lunch was catering by La Septima:

Salad with their signature creamy herb dressing, roasted pork, and rice and beans.  This was my big meal of the day.  I didn’t really eat dinner.  After work, I stopped at Lowes and got some flowers and 25 bags of mulch.  Four hours of yard work definitely counts as a workout me thinks.  Later, the neighborhood bonfire began.  I had a slice of unpictured pizza and a late night turkey sandwich.  I should have eaten more, as I didn’t feel my best today after a few drinks on an empty tummy.  I’m so glad today was a rainy day.  Perfect lazy day, movie weather.  And I didn’t have to feel guilty about skipping the yard work I had planned.

Breakfast was another yummy Jimmy Dean D’Lite:

With half a naner and a glass of apple juice with ORAC Energy Greens

Lunch was weird.  I was really craving something salty.

Canned green beans did the trick.  To think I used to dump extra salt on these.  Now that I cut back on sodium, I can really taste it.   It did the trick. Salt craving cured.  I also had some carrots dipped in a little ranch dressing.  Dinner also had to be something easy:

Quorn meatless, soyless chicken patty sandwich on whole wheat sandwich thin with pepperjack cheese, Smart Balance mayo, and pickles.  I have discovered I love pickles on sandwiches.  I ate this and went back for another.  For dessert:

Boo almost got to my 90 calorie mini ice cream sandwich before I did.  As I’m writing this, my stomach is growling again.  There may be a snack in my near future.  Have a great night!

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