I like it spicy!

It’s Friday y’all!  Although, I work tomorrow morning to set up a wedding, so tomorrow’s really my Friday.  This morning I tried to eat some Target brand cereal.  I love Target brand foods, but not this one, I’m sorry.  I’m only eating it because I hate to waste food:

I went to work for a few hours.  I was hungry before lunch time, and broke into my PB & J on whole wheat sandwich thin and a side of baby carrots.

On my way home from work, I had to run some errands such as pick up a couple things for the wedding tomorrow, and go to the bank.  I snacked on this in the car:

All the numbers are great on these babies, but it was not as delicious as I was hoping for.  I like to eat nutritious, healthy foods, but I also like to enjoy everything I eat.  I must say, they did keep the hungry monster at bay.  I will keep a couple in my purse and car for hunger emergencies only.  Maybe I’ll like the other flavors better. 

When I got home, I promptly changed and went for a 3 mile walk/run and did crunches and push ups.  Felt sooo good! Then I showered and changed into my Friday night lounge clothes.

Dinner was my highlight meal of the day:

This is one of my Indian creations.  I don’t remember the name of this one.  I got a bunch of different jarred Indian simmer sauces at Whole Foods.  They are so easy, just add chicken and some veggies.  And I like it spicy, so I add a hefty dose of hot sauce, and served it over tri color couscous. Yum Yum!

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