Auntie Em

Hey everyone!  It’s been a crazy week.  I got to spend time with my family which was great and now I’m exhausted.  That’s how I ended up eating dinner in bed tonight.  Let’s go back to yesterday when the busi-ness began.  Yesterday was Wednesday, right?  I ate breakfast before heading to my sister’s to babysit the twins today (for my first time).

My cat Boo trying to figure out how to snatch some oatmeal.  This kitty looooves to eat!  I have 4 cats by the way.  I guess you could call me a cat person, but I love dogs and all animals just as much. Oh, except birds, they scare me.  Boo came to me on Halloween several years ago.  He came walking up with a group of Trick or Treaters.  He came right inside.  When the Halloweeners left, I said “You forgot your kitten”, they said “Oh he’s not ours”, so we named him Boo and he stayed.  I know, a black cat on Halloween night.  Good thing I’m not superstitious. 

Anyway, my oats with banana, flax seed, cinnamon, peanut butter and agave syrup.  So I was fueled up and ready to take on 2 three-month olds.  My sister works from home, so I wasn’t completely on my own.  Thank Goodness!  I was lucky to get a quick bite for lunch in between diaper changing, feeding, playing, and rocking to sleep.  I don’t know how she does it, and she never, ever complains.  What a woman!  So here here’s my lunch:

Campbell’s Healthy Choice chicken noodle soup.  Not quite filling enough, so I had this snack shortly thereafter:

This held me over until dinner.  My uncle was still in town, and he took my mom and I out to eat at Carrabbas for dinner:

I ordered the Speidino Di Mare which is shrimp and scallops lightly breaded with a lemon butter sauce.  Very tasty.  I also had a salad and a piece of bread.  No dessert for me.  I went back to my sister’s and stayed the night because her husband was out-of-town on business.  Although, I must say, I’m not very good at the overnight shift.  I don’t hear the babies cry, even though I consider myself a light sleeper.  Luckily, (it wasn’t luck, I prayed) they both slept through the night, YAY!

Then this morning (Thursday), I ate a quick breakfast of Fiber One shredded wheat with Almond Milk:

Then it was off to work.  I was sooo mad at myself for forgetting to pack my lunch.  Here’s what I managed to scrape up:

In my purse I found a smooshed half of a Clif bar that was really old. And:

A cucumber slice.  Pretty sad little lunch, I know.  I was hungry all day.  I finally got home around 5:00 and had to eat something fast:

I put two eggs in the microwave for 2 minutes, sprinkled some reduced fat cheese on top, salsa, and fat-free sour cream, and lots of  hot sauce.  Food never tasted so good!  I could have eaten this five more times.  After I ate, my body and mind sunk into a warm, cozy place called my bed.  The bed was left unmade and it just looked so darn inviting, I crawled in still in my dress.  I love those hard-earned naps.  It felt heavenly.  I probably would have slept through the night, but my growling stomach woke me up.  I was not feeling the cooking vibe, so the man picked up some Chinese food on his way home from work.  Chinese food would be so healthy if it weren’t for all the sodium.  It tasted especially salty because I have cut down on sodium so much in my life.

I got the Hunan chicken.  I hadn’t tried it before because the name is a little scary.  It was really good except for all the salt.  My lips and tongue feel swollen.  I also had a couple of steamed dumplins:

Next week I plan to get back to cooking, and experiment with some new recipes.  I look forward to getting back into my normal routine.  Good night all!

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