Rainy wedding.

They say it’s good luck when it rains on your wedding day, right?  I hope so for the bride that got married at Cross Creek Ranch today.  I helped set up for the wedding and it was W E T!  Before we get to those pictures, it was a new cereal for breakfast:

This is Target’s brand cereal, it tasted so so.  I’d much rather have my oatmeal.  I put some naners and agave syrup in it and scarfed it down before running out the door and into the rain to go to the ranch.  They usually serve lunch to the set up crew, but I brought my leftover concoction:

The wedding today was shades of purple and blues. It turned out really pretty:

This is Jean, our wildly talented floral designer and my best friend working in the rain:

After work I ran a few errands. How many times can one go to the grocery store in one week?  I had to pick up some kitty food, and paper towels, and some other random things.  I ended up with a shopping cart full.  I can’t help it.  If it’s buy one get one free and I use it, I feel like I have to stock up.  I finally got home and had to motivate myself to work out.  It was gray and rainy all day, and I really wanted a bubble bath and blanket with my book. But, I put in Jillian Micheals dvd and gave it my all.  Was so glad I did, I’m feeling the tired muscles in my arms and legs and it feels good.  Before my workout, I fueled up on this little snack:

These are great and so convenient, I will carry them in my purse and stock some in my car.

And for dinner:

Extra lean ground turkey burgers with pepperjack cheese, jalapeno, lettuce, and tomato on multi grain sandwich thin with sweet tater fries.  This hit the spot.  And my daily treat of dark chocolate for dessert.  Now I have to go and finish laundry and pack for another fun-filled weekend.  My uncle and his wife are coming to town from Ohio, so I get another mini vacation.  I will be back with a full recap.  Have a wonderful weekend!

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