Born to shop

Happy Tuesday!  Tuesday’s are my looong days!  They start bright and early at 7:15, about 1/2 hour away from my house at a BNI meeting.  Now, I’m not a morning person, at all.  But this is totally worth it.  Check out our chapter’s website:  Of course they serve breakfast:

Eggs, bread, and pineapple.  I also had my coffee on the way there.  My weakness is flavored creamer.  I love Coffee Mate Coconut Creme flavor.  After the meeting, a group of us that have the same cliental base headed to the coffee shop to get to know each other’s businesses better.  Then I went to meet the owner of a pool building company.  We resurface pool decks, so this was a great contact.  Afterwards, I ate lunch in the car while I changed into my wedding designer hat.  I met a bride to look for fabric for tablecloths. 

Multi grain wrap with low sodium turkey, Smart Balance mayo, lettuce, and Buffalo sauce. Yum, but not filling enough.

Then I spent the rest of the afternoon shopping for various weddings.  I snacked on a banana while I drove back to the office.

After work, I stopped at the produce market on the way home:


-poblano peppers

-red pepper

-green peppers







-Plant City strawberries. Tis the season!

When I got home, I went running.  My usual 3 mile walk/run.  I’m getting faster and starting to feel less winded. Yay!  For dinner I made a turkey taco salad:

I used extra lean ground turkey breast, tomatoes, avacados, reduced fat cheese, salsa, kidney beans, baked chips, and lots of hot sauce.  It was sooooo good.  It tasted even better to me than a typical taco salad with ground beef, sour cream and the works.  For dessert, my usual square of dark chocolate.  Is that a bubble bath I hear calling my name?   Good night.

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