Green juice.

It’s almost Friday!  Today was a weird day!  I woke up really early, but decided to go back to sleep, and slept in way too long.  When I woke up, I was groggy and unmotivated.  Might have something to do with last night’s over indulgent dinner.  All I could muster up for breakfast was a plain old Grape Nuts:

It was all I could do to get moving.  I finally got myself out the door and did 3 slow, easy miles.  I did feel a little better after that, but what really turned my day around was this awesome bowl of homemade chicken noodle soup, made by Ray and Carol:

I’m convinced this soup was actually chicken and dumplings disguised as soup so I wouldn’t hesitate gobbling it up.  It was sooo much better than any homemade soup I’ve ever made.  It certainly didn’t taste healthy.  I’m going to try to get the recipe to share with you, so we’ll find out. It has been pretty cold out here in Florida, and this gave my tummy a nice warm, cozy feeling.  I also had a glass of apple juice with a scoop of ORAC Energy Greens.

Then it was laundry, some office work, then shower. and off to work at Cross Creek Ranch for a couple hours.  I got home around dinner time and found the man heating up every leftover in the fridge.  I had made a big salad because I thought it would be a late night at work, but I was out early and brought it home to eat:

I used romaine lettuce, grated carrots, diced red peppers, tomato, kidney beans, feta cheese, egg, and chicken.  I shared some with Jordan and ate a little leftovers as well.  For dessert was a square of dark chocolate.  I am super full, but wide awake because of  sleeping in today.  I better try to get to bed though because I have a busy day tomorrow.  Good night.

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