Beer in the rear.

Good Sunday evening!

I took my best friend Jean’s advice and went running this morning first thing. I’m talking before breakfast and before coffee.  I understand why this is a great idea and I really want to strive to do this from now on, especially that summer time heat will be coming and there is no way I can run in the afternoon in that.  But I must say, I was dragging my butt!  However, afterwards, I was full of energy and ready to tackle house work and then yard work.  After my run, I had some cereal and protein for breakfast:

Grape Nuts with half a banana and Almond Milk, with one organic scrambled egg, and a cup of coffee. Oh how I love coffee.  After my house cleaning escapade, I made a huge salad:

Doesn’t it look pretty?  I used organic romaine lettuce, (I can actually taste the difference between regular and organic lettuce, I sware I can taste the chemicals) carrots, cucumber, tomato, reduced fat cheese, lean ham with honey mustard dressing.  I couldn’t finish this, but it was oh so good.  After lunch, I worked in the yard to cut back the dead frost-bitten foliage, then I showered and hit the grocery store.  I nibbled on half a Clif bar before to make sure I wasn’t hungry at the grocery store. We all know what that leads to.

-Quorn chik’n patties

-Amy’s Texas Burgers

-flavored non dairy creamer

-Almond milk

-Buy 1 get 1 free apple juice

-low sodium V 8

-brown rice


-whole wheat tortillas

-whole wheat bread

-reduced fat shredded mexican cheese

-reduced fat pepperjack cheese slices

-Cholula hot sauce

-Clif Bars

-ground chicken


-Boars Head Buffalo chicken breast lunch meat

-my favorite chocolate



-frozen broccili

-frozen peas

-lots of red peppers(on sale)


I was craving a Beer in the Rear Chicken.  This recipe is so much fun and makes the moistest, most flavorful chicken.  Check it out at this link:

I can’t help it, I love chicken wings. It was delicious.  I also had asparagus and couscous made with whole wheat, spinach, and tomato. For dessert, there were these addictive little chocolate covered espresso bits:

They look like black beans don’t they?  I’m sure I had more than my fair share of these. It was so worth it.  My belly is full and my eyelids are heavy.  I ‘m off to bed and looking forward to an inspirational day tomorrow at Cross Creek Ranch. Good night.

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