Sauteed pineapple = Yum!

Happy Monday!  I started my day out like most with my bowl of oatmeal:

This breakfast is so filling and it never gets boring. Breakfast tends to be a habitual meal, doesn’t it?

I worked in the office making two new portfolios until I ran out of  printer ink and photo paper. Then I headed out for my 3 mile walk/run.  I usually walk  2 miles and run one.  Today, I ran 1.25.  I’m trying to build up my endurance.  My goal is to be able to run 2 miles without walking.  I also did sit ups and push ups.  I ate lunch before heading out to do errands:

I had this salmon burger on a whole wheat sandwich thin with homemade healthy tartar sauce and lettuce, with half a banana, and carrots with hummus.  The salmon burger was just okay.  I only ate little more than half of it.  I would much rather just have a piece of salmon, I don’t think I would buy these again, but I have to eat up the rest of them.  After lunch, I continued working on those portfolios

Then, I showered and ran out to the bank, Staples, and the grocery store.  This is what I got:

-whole wheat wraps


-low sodium kidney beans

-tomato sauce and crushed tomatoes

-chobani yogurt

-curry simmering sauce

-Almond Breeze

-Grape Nuts

-organic eggs


-ice cream sandwiches

-organic romaine lettuce

-organic carrots

-roma tomatoes



-red potatoes

-sweet potatoes


-Cooking Light magazine

So much for just “grabbing a couple things”.  By the time I got home, the belly was a grumbling:

I do love Chobani yogurt, I sprinkled Grape Nuts on top, it hit the spot.

My entire dinner was planned around a couple of green peppers that were on their way out.  I mage a veggie stir fry with peppers, onions, and pineapple.  I’ve had grilled pineapple before and it is awesome, but this was the first time I threw it in a stir fry, and it was just as good!  I also made some roasted red potatoes, and a pork chop with Open Pit barbeque sauce, my favorite.

And for dessert.  Only 90 calories of bliss:

Little tiny ice cream sandwich. Yum!  My belly is full and happy.  Good night!

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