It’s raining babies.

Happy Sunday night!  Just got home from a baby shower.  Is everybody having babies or what?  My sister just has twins and sooo many people are pregnant right now.  We had a great time, here’s a picture of us, not my best photo, but oh well:

On to my eats.  This morning, my husband made me breakfast in bed, he even took the picture.  So sweet, he’s very supportive of my new blog venture.

Whole wheat bread, one slice with peanut butter, one slice with blackberry jam.  Also had a glass of apple juice with Orac Energy Greens in it.

ORAC-Energy Greens bottle

I have tried several different greens, and this brand tastes the best to me.

Today was a lazy day, lounged on the couch until lunch time, which was leftover Dal:

Then we got ready and headed to the baby shower.  The food and drinks were wonderful, I tried the sangria, but opted for the frozen margarita.  Here’s my plate of food:

Shrimp and pineapple kabob with a yummy coconut dipping sauce, tropical orzo salad, shrimp with cocktail sauce, pita chips with seafood salsa, tiny cream cheese ball rolled in bacon, and a piece of cheese.  I didn’t eat the orzo, but I went back for seconds on the shrimp, had a bite of Jordan’s burger, and some chicken.

And then there was dessert:

A chocolate cupcake and brownie on a stick.  I split both with Jordan. The brownie was my favorite, YUM!  I think it’s so important to allow yourself little indulgences every day.

Now it’s 7:30 and I’m in my jammies in bed. Movie time.  I really want to see The Time Traveler’s Wife, but I just started reading the book, so I’m making myself wait.

See you tomorrow!

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