Crackers, trash, and mud.

Hello everyone! What a fun and dirty day!  Started off  at 8:30 with my favorite cold weather breakfast:

Oatmeal made with half water,half almond milk. Add ins:half banana,maple syrup,flax seed, and almond butter. Yum!! 

I never used to eat breakfast, only coffee with flavored non dairy creamer. Of course I haven’t given this up, but I now use the fat free creamer. Anyways, not eating breakfast was the first mistake, everybody knows this, so I finally started, and BOY does it make a difference!

I was full and happy and ready to start my volunteer day.  My husband and I volunteered at the Florida Cracker Festival  for Disney’s “Give a Day,Get a Day”.  We had so much fun!  Our job was to put trash bags in about a hundred trash cans spread out on about a hundred acres.  They gave us an off road golf cart and we were off.  They were making mud pits for the ATV’s and swamp buggies. We stayed out of the mud, but did squeak in a little off roading, Yeehaw!!!

The second eating habit I changed was to start eating something every 3 hours. Now my body is my clock. We were riding along and I told my husband it must be close to 11:30 because my stomach is starting to growl.  Sure enough, it was 11:17.  I had packed us lunch and we ate it on the ride home:

Whole wheat wrap with Boars Head 50% less sodium turkey breast (can’t tell the difference so why not?), spicy hummus, pepperjack cheese, and lettuce, with a side of grapes.

Also tried a bite of this:

Really,really good! Tasted like a dessert. And to drink:

When we got home, I went for a run.   I say run, but most off it is walking.  I went a total of  3 miles, walking 2 and jogging one.  It has always been hard for me to run. I was in cross country in middle school, but even then I would just get soooo winded.  I’m now going slow and trying to build up my endurance.  I just want so badly to feel strong.  I also did sit ups and push ups.

Then around 3:30 the growling happened again:

Organic carrots and cucumber, and low fat cottage cheese to the rescue.  Now it’s time to shower and plan a yummy,possibly romantic dinner for the hubster.  See you in a bit.

Well, dinner may not have been romantic, but it was tasty none the less.  It started as this:

And ended like this:

This is Chicken with Tikka Masala sauce, couscous, and asian vegetables.  With some sauvingnon blanc.

And then there was dessert:

Homemade mini cupcakes. Yum!

Good night y’all!

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